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Arbequina Olive Oil is one of the most popular varieties because of it’s light, fruity and buttery flavor. Our extra virgin olive oil is great for dipping bread, salad dressings and pairs well with most all vinegars. Try it as a marinade or topping for any meat or fish and you will be pleasantly surprised at the result of the added flavor. We also like to use it for baking - whether it is brownies, poundcake or just substituting the olive oil for butter in recipes.  

OLIVE ORCHARDS OF GEORGIA originated in the summer of 2013 and is a family owned company that grows and presses arbequina olives for the production of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Prior to the olive orchard, the Hobdy family farm was used for hay production and family recreation. OLIVE ORCHARDS OF GEORGIA is located in South Georgia, a short distance from the Georgia/Florida line. The idea of growing olives came after a summer vacation to California which included tours of several olive orchards. The seed was planted in the minds of the Hobdy family. The clearing of the land began in summer of 2013 and fields were then prepared for planting the first crop of olive trees in spring of 2014.Currently there are approximately sixty thousand arbequina olive trees growing on the Hobdy Farm. After six years of hard work OLIVE ORCHARDS OF GEORGIA and the Hobdy family had our first crop. It is very satisfying to see all of our efforts and investment result in such a great product! We take pride in our Georgia grown extra virgin olive oil and its amazing taste as well as health benefits. Our vision is for the future generations of the Hobdy family……that they will carry on the tradition of providing the high-quality extra virgin olive oil that OLIVE ORCHARDS OF GEORGIA produces.