TC Trench Coffee - Ground

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Product Description

Trench Blend - Our house Trench Roast is a med/dark full bodied South American blend consisting of bold but smooth flavor profile. 100% Arabica Beans.

Colombia Excelso Huila EP - A bold addition to our shop. This Colombian Roast from the Huila region has a bright whiney acidity and medium creamy body.  Flavor notes include sweet, nutty, dark chocolate, caramel, and more.  100% Arabica bean of the Caturra and Typica variety.

Brazil-Mogiana -This Brazilian Roast comes from the Mogiana region. This Roast is clean and smooth with flavor notes to include Hazelnut and chocolate. 100% Arabica bean of the Bourbon and Mondo Novo hybrid variety. 

Cowboy Blend - The Cowboy Blend is a bold and flavorful addition to our store.  With a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans, the Cowboy Blend will give you the extra caffeine boost you are looking for in the morning.

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